The target of Valstar Handling is to be a reliable partner for the growers who send their flowers through us, de grower must have the feeling that all is done to achieve the best price possible for the flowers.

Valstar Handling is set up in Januari 2008 by Geert Valstar, after years of succesfully growing carnations in Holland and later Portugal end 2007 the time came to make a switch. The idea came to auction reliable imported carnations for other growers, possibly under the name Valstar and eventuallly to generate a better price for the grower.

In Januari 2008 the first carnations from Egypt were auctioned, after a succesful start more growers became interested in the system Geert in believed, namely to give advise on location, unpacking the flowers by the same person and auctioning reliable flowers. With his background of being a grower, years of experience in growing carnations and visible better prices he succeeded to convince growers to let him unpack their carnations and sell them.

At this moment Valstar Handling has grown into a professional company with multiple unpack employees, qualityadvise and direct sales, the carnation is still a major product, but also many summerflowers are being unpacked and sold.

Valstar Handling offers the possibility to unpack the flowers at the 3 exportlocations, namely Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. This makes it possible to offer customized unpacking at all locations at low costs. If a supplier wants to auction or have direct sales at the 3 exportlocations we can make this possible without generating extra transportcosts between the locations. The supplier decides which part of the flowers goes to which exportlocation directly from the farm and the flowers will be unpacked/sold at the location.